Perks of the Side Hustle Lifestyle… For People Who Don’t Want a Side Hustle

Twenty years ago, side hustles weren’t really a thing. Folks would typically focus on their main 9 to 5 job and then maybe do something on the side when they needed the extra cash. That simple work life is no longer. Side hustles are not only the new norm, but we believe they’re here to stay long term. There have been a ton of studies out there exploring the who, what, and why of side hustles, but the research can be summarized as follows: More people have a side hustle than ever before and they are increasingly spending more and more time on their side hustle. Their side hustle is often something different than their full time gig, with roughly half of side hustlers making plans to turn their side business into a full time gig.

There’s no denying that an entrepreneurial spirit is spreading around the world, particularly in younger generations. People are ambitious but also cautiously risk averse, deciding to start their “business” on the side and waiting to see where it takes them. If they can get enough work to jump out of their current role, then they will happily leave their present job to turn that side business into their full time gig. If the amount of work is not quite there to warrant leaving comfortable jobs, it at least helps provide a little extra income and we don’t know many who would complain about having a nice rainy day fund! For others, the desire may not be to take their side hustle full time. Sometimes, doing something you love and getting paid to do it is enough. Either way, on a macro scale we are seeing more and more side hustlers out there offering an ever-growing variety of services.

So what does that mean for someone who doesn’t have a side hustle or has no interest in starting one? Plainly, it means you can probably hire someone to get those things done that you don’t like to do at a reasonable price, allowing you to free up more of your time and focus your energy elsewhere. We’ve compiled a list below to highlight some of the benefits that comes from outsourcing some of the tasks on your growing to-do list.

Outsource the “Not So Fun” Life Activities

Don’t want to run out to go grocery shopping? Don’t want to run that errand you keep putting off? Don’t want to put together your monthly budget? Don’t want to clean the house? Pay someone else to do it! There are plenty of side-hustlers out there who would be happy to run your errands at a reasonable price. Creating a budget template may not be your idea of a fun Sunday afternoon activity, but for a type-A person that loves finance and has a great method for organizing their own money, it’s probably a walk in the park. If you outsource some of these tasks to others, you get to enjoy the extra free time doing something you love instead!

Be More Productive

Maybe you aren’t dreading going to the grocery store or doing a number of other things I mentioned above. But maybe if you didn’t have to do those things, you could be more productive in other areas of your life. Maybe getting rid of your errands and tasks opens up some time for you to get more work done during the day, or finally get to that home improvement project you’ve been putting off. Productivity is everything and time is such a valuable resource. So prioritize what’s important and pawn off the rest of your tasks to a side hustler!

Learn Something New

A lot of side hustlers out there are skilled. The talent pool is crazy. Not only do you have skilled people with side businesses, but they also come from all different backgrounds. Why not reach out to some of these side hustlers to learn something new? A lot of them offer classes on their craft, from photography and dance to digital design or coding 101. Take advantage of the global community and learn something new!

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